Write it down

Why you need to write it down

Have you ever tried to get through a busy day and remember all the tasks and projects you need to complete?  For most of us, the answer is a resounding “yes”.  So how successful were you in getting everything done in a timely and efficient manner? Sadly, most of us will answer “no” to that question.  The reality is that it is extremely difficult to remember all the tasks and responsibilities we need to manage.  To be more efficient, you need to write it down.  The task of writing in itself creates muscle memory and reinforces the reminder.  Typing or using an electronic device works too if you are without paper and pen but studies show this is less effective.  So, why do you need to write it down?  Firstly, when you write down your tasks and projects, you jog your memory to complete the task.  Secondly, and as important, you create a visual reminder that can be incorporated into your schedule.

Sticky notes everywhere

As an organizer, I work with clients to create systems and solutions to find more space, more time and more joy in their lives.  For some clients, a PDA or smartphone is a must for everything from grocery lists to work tasks.  Written lists, sometimes scratched on the back of junk mail, do the trick for others.  I have a “special” notepad in my kitchen and legal pads in my office to write down reminders.  Whatever works for you works for you.   For visual learners especially, a written note has significant impact.  I like the kitchen and office as my command points.  Where are your strategic areas for notes?  Another great visual reminder is the sticky note, again in a strategic place.  Because we are creatures of habit, putting a sticky note where we cannot fail to see it is a visual reminder that might represent a change in routine or reinforces a new habit.

When you write down a reminder or task, you create a visual system that is a trigger for action.  Notes, lists and sticky notes organize us and make us more efficient.