What is a launching/landing pad?

Pick the space for transition

Ever heard the term launching/landing pad?  In organizer speak, this refers to the space where you “launch” out of into your day and “land” back in when you re-enter.   It’s the transitional space between being outside and inside.  The goal of this launching/landing pad is to get you in and out with less stress.  When this space houses the items you need every day, you don’t have to continually search your entire home or office for these items.  While a traditional mudroom space or entryway is the easiest example, this transitional space exists in every home or office.  If this launching/landing pad doesn’t already exist in a traditional sense, it needs to be created.

How do I create a launching/landing pad?

To create a launching/landing pad, ask “what is the exit/entrance that I use most often”? Do you exit the house into the garage?  If so, then create your transitional space by the door inside the garage or at the door leading to the garage.  Do you exit and enter through the front door more frequently?  Use the entry space by the door for your “pad”.  Do you exit and enter the house through the kitchen/back door?  Use the appropriate storage to section off an area at the door for your transitional space.  In every home and office, the optimal place for your launching/landing pad will be different based on your needs and how you use your space.  The key to creating usable transitional space is not only WHERE it is located but HOW you use it.  Use this space to corral those items you will be taking with you as you exit.  The most needed items are often keys, purses, gym/work bags, backpacks, coats and shoes.  When you re-enter the space, use the storage – hooks, hangers, bins, etc. – to house the items here.

The goal of effective transitional space is to not carry these items further into the home/office.  If we leave our “everyday” items in the launching/landing pad, we won’t need to regather them again the next time we are leaving.