Organizing for Back to School 2023

Yes, it’s almost August, and back to school is looming.  Getting kids ready and set up for success takes some planning. Children are influenced by the state of their physical space just as much as adults. If clutter and disorganization in your home have you feeling frazzled and stressed, it’s highly likely that your children will feel this as well.

Behavioral problems and learning difficulties often emerge when there’s too much stimulation in a clutter-filled home. Children need activities for sure but they also need calm, uncluttered space for schoolwork, playing, and sleeping.

Here are some tips for creating back-to-school systems that work:

  • Create a dedicated homework spot, ideally in a common area.  A small desk or counter space is ideal.  Put together a homework “kit” with pencils and pens, colored pencils, ruler, large erasers, etc so kids don’t have to hunt and search for these items daily.
  • Establish a routine for getting homework completed.  Does your child need a snack and some outside time before settling down to homework tasks?  Do afternoon activities mean homework might be done before or after sports and extracurriculars?  Sometimes a “mobile” work area is a must if you are on the road in the afternoon and early evenings.
  • Make a “no electronics rule” if possible.  Phones, tablets, and computers – unless absolutely necessary – are a huge distraction.  Choose wisely on how to use these tools.

Helping organize how and where homework is done is a huge step in back-to-school success.