Legos, legos, everywhere….

Why do Legos need a system?

Whenever I give a talk or presentation, one of the most common questions is “How do I organize all the Legos?”   Because of the sheer volume of Legos, there needs to be an organizational system for both storage and display.  The good news is that there are lots of options – both for completed kits as well as the parts.   Legos need to be containerized both for use and safety.  Kits and projects cannot be completed if pieces are missing so keeping the items together is important.  And stepping barefoot on a Lego?  Painful and dangerous.

What are the best storage and display systems?

Struggling with how to containerize and manage in-process sets and loose pieces?  For the best storage for this, LOOK DOWN.  Shallow under bed storage boxes have the width to contain low sets and the loose pieces that litter and make walking a hazard.  As a bonus, these slide easily out of sight for quick clean up.  If you have floor space, a freestanding bin system is a great organizational tool but simple plastic bins, ideally with lids, also work well.  Looking to display some created Lego planes, spaceships and other wonderful flying machines?  LOOK UP!  A c hook screwed into the ceiling and some fishing wire will make a great display.  This works particularly well with aerial pieces but can work for other modes of transport as well. More constructed sets and scenes?  Again, look up and use the vertical space in the room.  Adding extra shelves moves these creations up and out of reach and makes an ideal display space and keeps the sets from being broken.

Creating an organizational system for Legos is important to be able to both use the items and display them appropriately.  This is one organizational system that utilizes both the vertical – the ceiling and wall space – as well as hidden, under bed storage.