Where can I hide this?

hidden storage spaces

Finding good hiding spots… Do you think finding good hiding spots is all about playing “hide and seek” or having a great Easter egg hunt?  In organizing, good hiding spots mean effective space management.  Maximizing your existing storage comes in many forms.  Closet organizing, purging unneeded and unused items and choosing effective storage are important. …

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Got good storage?

ruins items in box

What is good storage? Good storage is easy to use, easy to access and meets your price point.  I recommend a variety of storage options based on the items you need to contain.  Do you want to view your item and access it easily?  One of the best options are clear, plastic bins with covers. …

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What’s your stop, drop and roll?

stop drop roll graphic

Making your transitional space work Most of us are familiar with the safety phrase “stop, drop and roll” as it relates to fire safety.  When creating transitional space, our launching/landing pad, and organizing processes, think about your “stop, drop and roll”. The idea behind this safety phrase is that we don’t continue a moment longer…

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Something in, Something out

use it or lose it graphic

Is something coming into your space? What’s your greatest organizing challenge?  The most common response is “I don’t have enough storage space”.  Yes, there are ways to create more storage space but you also have to limit the volume of things that come in.  There are many things you cannot control but what comes into…

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Legos, legos, everywhere….

organized legos

Why do Legos need a system? Whenever I give a talk or presentation, one of the most common questions is “How do I organize all the Legos?”   Because of the sheer volume of Legos, there needs to be an organizational system for both storage and display.  The good news is that there are lots of…

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Your launching/landing pad is your friend….

organized mud room

Why do I need storage in transitional space? Entering and exiting the home easily and with less stress is a goal for everyone.  It’s important set up an effective transitional space – the “launching/landing pad” – with the right storage.  Must haves for this space include a coat rack with multiple hooks for hanging items…

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