Got good storage?

What is good storage?

Good storage is easy to use, easy to access and meets your price point.  I recommend a variety of storage options based on the items you need to contain.  Do you want to view your item and access it easily?  One of the best options are clear, plastic bins with covers.  These bins – think shoe box sized – are great containers for school supplies, arts & crafts, medicines and health and beauty items.  Use these clear bins to corral small and loose items in any room including kitchen and bathroom.  Do you struggle to keep your items organized in your cabinets and pantry?  Use clear bins to contain like items and so finding your items is easier and this also make clean up quicker.  Are you organizing and storing larger items like clothing, linens and holiday items?  Extra large clear totes with locking covers are a good storage option.  These totes are waterproof and are great in attics and basements and as a bonus, they are stackable thereby doubling your storage space.    Is your office filing a mess?  Invest in good quality pendaflex and folders to create an effective filing system.   Nothing makes finding your documents more of a challenge than broken, ripped folders.

What is ineffective storage?

When you are choosing a storage options, decide if you want the item to be viewable or hidden.  Do you want to see the crayons and markers?  Use a clear bin.  Do you want to put books and toys in the family room?  Use an opaque or fabric bin or basket to “hide” the items.   Cardboard moving and banker’s boxes are NOT long term storage solutions.  If you are moving and plan to store your items in these boxes for a short time, set a timeframe to find a more permanent solution.  Humidity and water will break down these boxes quickly and make them structurally unsound and put your items at risk.

Don’t let the elements make your decisions for you.  Choose quality storage options to keep your items safe and organized.  If you want to view your items quickly, opaque is not your friend.