Open vs closed storage

What’s the right storage?

The launching/landing pad, your transitional space, is a critical part of your space organization.  It’s the space that sets you up to get in and out of your home or office multiple times a day with less stress.  Once you’ve selected the spot for your launching/landing pad and determined how you want to use it, think about ease of use.  Each space is unique but ideally you would have both open and closed storage in the space.  An example of open storage is a coat rack/coat hooks or large basket on the floor for hats, winter items, sports equipment, etc.  Open storage is best used for items we need to quickly “grab and go” and need to see often and access easily.

How do I use both open and closed storage?

Closed storage is an important element in transitional space as well.  An example of this is cabinets or benches with lids.  This is particularly useful for storing items we need outside – think boots, bug spray/sunscreen – but don’t need to access on a consistent basis.  Clients often choose closed storage because it looks neater – because it’s behind closed doors! – and therefore is good for items that aren’t easily containerized.  Closets and cabinets are more likely to be found in office spaces because they are part of the design process.  You can add closed storage to most transitional spaces. Closed benches, armoires and cubbie systems are great additions to your launching/landing pad and make tidying up that space easier.

An effective transitional space has a combination of open and closed storage and can be created very economically.  Custom designed cubbies and bench systems are great but a rack of coat hooks from a home improvement store and a large repurposed basket also work well.  Think about repurposing storage from another part of the home.  Bureaus and standing bookshelves with baskets add lots of excellent storage to this space.  The launching/landing pad is a critical space but don’t overthink it.  Use the KISS method – Keep It Simple Stupid – and find solutions that work for you in your space.