Your launching/landing pad is your friend….

Why do I need storage in transitional space?

Entering and exiting the home easily and with less stress is a goal for everyone.  It’s important set up an effective transitional space – the “launching/landing pad” – with the right storage.  Must haves for this space include a coat rack with multiple hooks for hanging items – coats, bags, backpacks, gym bags, etc.  If space allows, use your vertical space and install an upper and lower coat rack.  And don’t forget the shoes!  Traditional shoe racks are great but if space is at a premium, a large basket works for corralling these items that seem to multiply at our entryways.  A boot tray is a must in wet and snowy weather.

What storage is best for my transitional space?

In this space, store items like bags, backpacks and coats to keep from cluttering up the kitchen and other areas of the house.  If you contain these items in one space, this keeps them from “migrating” and getting misplaced.  Dumping our stuff in a pile or on the floor doesn’t make our transitional space work – it just makes another mess.  Having multiple storage options makes transitional space work.  The right storage in our transitional space also helps us build better organizational processes and keeps our home clutter free.  Need to return an item to the store?  Hang the bag (with the receipt inside) on the coat rack and you’ll be more likely to get it out of the house.  Soccer practice tomorrow?  Prepare the bag the night before and put it in the launching/landing pad to head out in the morning.

Storage in your transitional space can be as simple as a coat rack or hooks or as customized as built-in storage cubbies.  Figure out what works for your situation and you’ll find that getting out the door is a snap!